The Balance Cards
The Balance Cards
The Balance Cards
The Balance Cards

The Balance Cards

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Intuited and created from the heart, mind and soul of Love Shamar, The Balance Cards offer simple easy to understand spiritual guidance for those seeking balance, harmony and wholeness. 

If you like Tarot, Angel Decks, Oracle Decks you will find The Balance Cards to be a great addition to your divination tools. 

These are simple easy to understand oracle cards that will offer reflective insight, encouragement and direction.

The Balance Cards were created by our founder, Love Shamar out of a desire to create an oracle deck that speaks directly and clearly for all. 

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Tall T.
United States United States

I am a lover of divination as a tool to best navigate my life in alignment with my souls truth and purpose. I use THE BALANCE CARDS each day for clear and concise guidance on the energy of my day. This is the perfect deck for beginners as well as seasoned oracle deck users. I also love the size of the cards which allows me to slip them in my bag when I am out to provide insight for my clients on the go. I highly recommend this deck that my soul sistar has created as a tool to assist you in being better intune, mind body and soul. with truth and love, Te

Julie M.
United States United States
Yay! I love my Balance Cards!

I have been using my Balance Cards daily and I simply love them! I like that the cards come with instructions on how to use them. These cards are beautiful and I like their size. It is easy to shuffle them and hold them in my hands. I am a novice to using divination cards but using these cards makes it so easy to find the answers I am seeking. Whether it is asking the universe what I need to know today or how I should proceed with a challenge I am facing, the Balance Cards always give me the answers I need. I have found that these cards are in alignment with my daily thoughts and personal experiences. For example, if I am feeling doubt about a certain situation I am facing, the cards always provide me with answers that correlate to my own personal thoughts and experiences. It is awesome! I believe the Balance Cards are connected to me, the universe and Source and I will continue to use them as a necessary tool in my life every day!