The Year of 2020

Peace Love and Blessings everyone. 

Let's give a shout out to 2020!  This year has come in like a whirlwind with changes already taking place that are resetting the foundation.  This is a year of major change for me according to some placements in my chart.  Uranus is in my first house Taurus. That's enough right there.  Whew!

I started with a 3 day water cleanse that was over on 1-11.  It was awesome and I'm gonna share my experience and reflections about it.   I just wanted to get started with this.  My first blog entry of 2020 on my new website. 

I am extremely thankful.

Right now I'm still in the process of adding products and deciding how I want the site to look.  I feel good about the progress.  My goal to launch the site is February 22nd. I'm having a birthday party and will host the first Sensual Recalibration Raising the Vibration on that special date. 

I intend that this website is an open channel of love, light and peace.  I pray that I successfully edutain and uplift everyone that stops by and that they Love Shamar and show me by spending coins with me, sharing the website, giving me great reviews and being awesome. 

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